Richard J. Povinelli

KID Lab Members

Colin Quinn was born in Dousman, Wisconsin where he was raised on an all-dairy diet until his departure from his hometown in 2014 to study at Marquette University, Milwaukee WI. Transitioning from a life of pursuing fine chesses at his local grocery store, Colin took up coding when he was exposed to the GasDay Laboratory his freshman year. It was there he learned the basics of software development and natural gas load forecasting. Throughout his undergraduate career, Colin became interested in the research side of development process. After a brief hiatus to Tanzania his junior year to study the connection between smelly socks and malaria transmission, Colin committed to Marquette’s graduate school in 2018 with research interests in predictive analytics. He has now completed his master’s in applied statistics and is currently working on his doctoral degree in computer science. Learn more about Colin here…
Sida was born in China and grow up in China. He studied for a Bachelor of Engineering degree at Jimei University in Xiamen, China and graduated in July 2018. He is now continuing his master's degree at Marquette University in Wisconsin. He is very happy to communicate with people and likes to make friend with anyone. He enjoys working on his graduation project with Dr. Povinelli in GasDay/KID lab. His current main task is to improve the accuracy of BPPV Facing survey. In addition, he also learned a lot in the Edge Intelligence in Nonstationary Time-varying Environments project working with Dr. Gao and Dr. Povinelli. In his free time, his favorite computer games are Minecraft and League of Legends. He enjoys playing basketball in the hot summer until sunset and walking home in the evening breeze.
Zach Nordgren
Marquette University
Zach was born is Fairbanks Alaska and moved often growing up, living in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Spain for much of his growing up years. He came to Marquette University as a freshman studying Computer Engineering and found a home at the GasDay lab for all four years of undergrad. At GasDay, now Marquette Energy Analytics, Zach worked as a data analyst and MATLAB developer working on many weather-related projects that helped improve the accessibility and quality of the weather data used for training models. Upon graduation from Marquette, he chose to stay on with MEA and the KID lab as a masters student working on patching historical weather data from NOAA. In his free time, he enjoys riding bicycles, sailing on lake Michigan, and cross-country skiing.
I was born and raised in Nigeria and earned a BSc in electrical engineering at the university of Ibadan. I worked on ultrasonic localization for wireless sensor networks under the supervision of Dr. Ismail Kamil. Before starting out at Marquette, I spent two years working as a software engineer at Venture Garden Group, a technology company in Lagos, Nigeria. I continue to work on big data, machine learning and signal processing. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and catching up with friends.